Light medicine will
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On this page you will find books on photobiological medicine and its applications.
Most books can be bought as printed books as well as e-books. Each version is marked with the corresponding button.
The printed editions of the books can be obtained from our dealers, whose links are given right below.
The e-books can be obtained from Amazon via the link provided.


Laser Field Therapy
The pioneering technique of laser photo therapy with the next generation of resonance frequencies

Anja Fuechtenbusch, Volkmar Kreisel, Peter Rosin

Human medicine

Laser Acupuncture – A practical handbook

Ed. Anja Fuchtenbusch Authors: Volkmar Kreisel, Michael Weber

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) in Chronic Wounds

Anja Süß-Burghart, Martin Füchtenbusch, Anja Füchtenbusch

Laser therapy and Laser puncture
Treatment tables

Anja Füchtenbusch, Wolfgang Bringmann

Laser Therapy in Wound- and Pain – Management
A literature study

Füchtenbusch A. • Füchtenbusch M.

Dental medicine

Laser Phototherapy in Dentistry
New release

Jan Tunér, Tilman Fritsch

Veterinary medicine

Laser Therapy and Laser Puncture in Dogs and Cats
Treatment plans 

Anja Füchtenbusch, Peter Rosin

Laser therapy and Acupuncture on Horses
Treatment protocols 

Anja Füchtenbusch, Peter Rosin

Laser Field Therapy
Laser Field Therapy with Coherent Light - Horses

Anja Füchtenbusch

Offers from other publishers

As a addition to the offers of Fuechtenbusch publishing and education we present you here good books to the topic of other publishing houses.

Laser Therapy – A Clinical Manual 

Jennifer Blahnik OMD, LAc. & David Rindge, DOM, LAc., RN

Handbook of Photomedicine

M. Hamblin und Y. Huang

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